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Type Cros
Aid Placement Behind The Ear
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Immerse Yourself in Clear Sound with CROS X Hearing Aids

Discover a new dimension of hearing with CROS X, our advanced hearing aid solution designed to overcome challenges associated with single-sided hearing loss. CROS X hearing aids redefine the listening experience, providing clarity, directionality, and a natural sound perception for individuals seeking a comprehensive and discreet solution.

Key Features:

  1. 360° Sound Awareness: CROS X hearing aids deliver a 360-degree sound experience, ensuring that individuals with single-sided hearing loss can perceive sounds from all directions. This feature enhances situational awareness and allows for a more immersive and natural listening experience.
  2. Directional Focus: With advanced directional microphones, CROS X focuses on the sounds that matter most. Whether in noisy environments or quiet settings, these hearing aids intelligently amplify the sounds in the direction of speech, providing improved clarity in conversations.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: Stay connected seamlessly with wireless features. CROS X hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing users to stream audio directly from compatible devices such as smartphones, TVs, and more, enhancing the overall listening experience.
  4. Discreet Design: CROS X hearing aids are designed for discretion and comfort. The sleek and compact design ensures that the device is virtually invisible, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of enhanced hearing without drawing attention.
  5. Customizable Settings: Personalize your listening experience with customizable settings. CROS X allows users to adjust volume levels, program settings, and manage preferences through user-friendly controls, ensuring that the hearing aids adapt to individual needs.


  • Restored Balance: CROS X hearing aids restore the balance of sound perception for individuals with single-sided hearing loss. By capturing sounds from the non-hearing side and transmitting them to the better ear, users experience a more balanced and natural auditory environment.
  • Improved Communication: The directional focus and clarity provided by CROS X contribute to enhanced communication. Whether in social gatherings, work meetings, or one-on-one conversations, users can actively participate with confidence, reducing the challenges associated with single-sided hearing loss.
  • Technological Connectivity: Embrace the convenience of technological connectivity. CROS X not only enhances your hearing experience but also seamlessly integrates with your digital devices, allowing you to enjoy music, phone calls, and media directly through your hearing aids.

Invest in Clear Sound and Confidence:

Invest in CROS X hearing aids and embark on a journey of clear sound and renewed confidence. Rediscover the joy of effortless communication, immersive listening, and discreet comfort with a hearing solution that addresses the unique needs of individuals with single-sided hearing loss.

Ready to experience the difference? Contact us today to explore the features of CROS X and find the perfect hearing solution for your lifestyle.


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